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Dental implant technology has come a long way in the last 40-plus years. Many dentists and dental professionals can explain why dental implants have become an important treatment option for patients who are either fully or partially edentulous. That is, for dental patients who are missing one or more teeth in their mouth. By some estimates, the number of dental implants placed was upwards of 3 million in the USA in 2022. In 2024, that number will probably be much higher. 

Dental implants are one of the most important and accessible ways to improve your oral health - if you are missing one or more functional teeth. And the health of your mouth has a drastic impact on your overall health. That means taking care of your teeth and getting dental implants when necessary is very important. Having a good understanding of what dental implants are and how they can be used to help people with missing teeth is important to understand. 

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- Dr Branemark is credited with placing the first dental implant in modern times in 1965. 

- Most dental implants are made from some sort of titanium. There are some ceramics and zirconia on the market as well. However, most are made from titanium alloys. 

- A dental implant procedure is the placement of a dental implant into the jawbone - in the area where a tooth was extracted. Rarely do people have dental implants placed in the third molar region of the mouth.  

- Osseointegration of the dental implant can take between 3-6 months. That is the bonding of the dental implant with the surrounding dental bone region of the jaw. 

- It is vital to have regular dental prophylaxis cleanings after dental implant placement at your general dentist or periodontist office. 

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It is vital to have a thorough and well-thought-out dental implant treatment plan.  Usually, dental imaging X-rays are studied and evaluated. This is done to make sure you are a good candidate for dental implant treatment. This consultation is done with your dentist.

A Common Dental Implant Inquiry - Many people ask, "How long until I heal after dental implant placement?"

Usually within 1 to 2 weeks. If dental bone grafting is done, then there may be some discomfort and pain the first couple of days after dental implant placement. Until fully healed, it is recommended to not smoke and to allow the area to heal properly. 

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Dental implants have become the option of choice for many people missing a tooth or 2. The technological advancements made in dental implant treatment have made dental implants much more affordable and readily available for more people around the world. If you want to learn about dental implants, you can access our live dentist implant chat at DentalChat where you can speak with dentists directly. We will be discussing dental implants in this local dental implant article. It is important to keep in mind, that how and with what type of dental bone grafting dental implants are done - can vary from dental office to dental office.  Dental implant treatment planning is very important. 

Importance of proper DENTAL IMPLANT TREATMENT PLANNINGDental Implant Questions to Ask Dental Implant Dentists:

1. Understand the timeline - how long will your dental implant treatment take. 

2. Will you need dental bone grafting or dental ridge augmentation? 

3. Understand the final restoration. The final dental implant restoration of dental implant crown, partial denture, or full denture? 

4. Dental implants aftercare. Need to take care of your dental implant after it is placed into your mouth. 

5. Understand the costs involved - the full dental implant treatment plan costs. 

6. Having proper dental imaging X-rays. Your dentist, periodontist, or oral surgeon can now use 3D panoramic dental imaging X-rays to better understand your teeth & gums, for your dental implant treatment. 

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A common dental implant question we get asked is, what is a dental implant? Dental implants have been used and are being used for millions of patients every year. Understanding what dental implants are and how they work - can be beneficial for dental patients to know.  Especially those who may need dental implants. We will be discussing dental implants in this Dentist Implant Blog. Local dental implant crown, and dental implant placement discussion online with us.  Whether it is getting more Dental Implant Information Online or other dentistry subjects, we are at Dental Chat striving to better dentally inform our users.

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For many people who have one or more missing teeth in their mouth, dental implant placement and dental implant crown restoration is an option that probably your dentist has discussed with you. The reasons are many, but mostly it is because - dental implants can provide a stable functioning replacement tooth in the mouth, with very nice esthetics for patients. We will be discussing dental implants in this local dental implant blog.  

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One of the most exciting dental breakthroughs in the last half-century has been the invention of modern dental implants.  Before modern implants, partial and full dentures were made from various products, to replace missing teeth.  In the 1960s dental implants were started to be used on people.  Since, then of course - technology has become better and better.  There are an estimated 5,000,000 dental implants placed in the mouths of people every year globally, with these numbers expected to rise in 2023 and 2024.  Dental implant placement can be safe and done painlessly by most dentists.  Of course, there are always varying circumstances and complications possible with any surgical procedures that undertake to place a foreign object into the body.

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Dental implants are placed into areas where a tooth has been extracted or will be extracted - hence, your local dentist is dental treatment planning for what to do after having to extract a functioning tooth. Let us discuss further what are dental implants?

Common Dental Implant Questions Online are "What is a dental implant crown" and "Can I have dental implants with my denture?"

A Dental implant is a surgical tool that is used to connect the bridges or crown to the bone of the jaw or skull. Most dentists would describe a dental implant as a screw-like dental product that is placed into the jaw bone where one or more teeth are missing. It is usually titanium, zirconia, or some form of advanced metal material that holds and supports the bone and gums. The material needs to be able to attach and be biocompatible with the jaw bone structure. We will be discussing dental implant crowns and dental implant dentures in this blog. Something to keep in mind is that a dental implant crown is the top portion, while the dental implant screw is like the root of the tooth. The dental implant and dental implant crown combine to make up the replacement tooth.  Dental implants can be attached to a partial denture or a full denture. 

Local Dental Implants Questions Online about why are dental implants a top choice by many dentists?

Osseo-integration allows the titanium in the implants to form intimate bones to bones. This is done first. Later a prosthetic is added, which is either removable or fixed. With a removable appliance such as a partial denture or full denture, the person can remove it whenever they want. 

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Common Dental Implant Question Inquiries, and Local Dental Implants Placement Costs Questions

How much do dental implants cost, will I have pain after dental implant placement and how long is the dental implant process are just some of the dental implant questions people ask us at Dentalchat. 

1. Cost of dental implants can vary greatly from city to city, and dental office to dental office. The dental implant placement is one price and the dental implant crown is an additional price. Dental implants can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $3,500 for each one - though this can vary greatly. The dental implant crown will usually cost somewhere around $1000-$2000, though this may vary as well. 

2. Dental implant placement can usually be done painlessly by a skilled dentist. There can be some pain for a day or 2, especially if dental bone grafting is done at the same time. 

Techniques and General Dental Implant Treatment and Dental Implants Placement Considerations

While planning a dental implant, we have to consider the overall health of the patient. Dentists will consider overall oral hygiene, habits such as smoking, and the overall health of the mouth and jaw.  Patients who have diabetes and are heavy smokers - are at a bigger risk of not having dental implants properly heal and attach to the mouth.  Each dentist, periodontist, or oral surgeon has varying considerations and preferences in how they perform placing dental implants.  There are various dental implant-making companies throughout the world.  One thing dentists do take into consideration is to make sure the jawbone has the right density to place a dental implant or multiple dental implants.  Some dentists, periodontists, or oral surgeons may want to first place a bone graft or do bone graft surgery in the mouth area where the dental implants will be placed.  Bone grafts are done with various materials. Patients are possibly put on drugs that boost the speed of bone healing such as Bisphosphonates and anti-RANKL drugs. It is essential to watch the bone growth very closely and to follow up with your dentist/surgeon to make sure everything is progressing properly.

  • Techniques include placement of the implant into the cavity

  • The tooth is extracted, and the timing of the implant is noted

  • Healing time is between three to six months

  • The hard and soft tissue reconstruction is done after that

After dental implant placement dental implants care - Common Dental Implant Question about oral hygiene?

We get asked many local dental implant questions online, with a common dentist implant question being -- is it important to get a dental cleaning at the dental office after having dental implants?  Once dental implants are placed into the mouth - you need to take care of them. Proper cleaning and oral hygiene are required. If you do not maintain proper oral hygiene and take care of your dental implants, then it is possible that the dental implant may get gum inflammation and possibly the dental implant may become loose. Get regular dental prophy cleaning with the right dentist and dental hygienists who understand how to properly clean around the dental implant. 

After this, the recovery phase of the implant starts. Maintenance and stability are the essential features that you have to provide to get maximum healing.

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We get many dental questions about dental implants - one of the most common dental implant questions we get asked is, are dental implants safe and do dental implants last?  By and large, dental implants are safe, and they are usually successfully placed into the mouth.  The longevity varies, but they should last many years.  This also depends on the patient's oral hygiene postoperative dental implant placement care, as well as the dental implant placement overall treatment plan. 

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Local Periodontists, Local General Dentists, and Local Oral Surgeons can all place dental implants into the mouth of patients - That is, any licensed dentist can place dental implants.  Periodontists and Oral surgeons may place the dental implants into the mouth, but rarely will they do dental implant crowns or make the dental implant crown.  That is the dental implant crown is usually made either by the general dentist or a prosthodontist.

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We get many Immediate Dental Implant Questions online at DentalChat.  Mostly the immediate dental implant questions we get are (1) What is an immediate dental implant or immediate dental implant?  (2) Are immediate dental implants safe and reliable?  When getting a dental implant placed into the mouth - right after a tooth extraction -- is called an immediate dental implant. Some dentists, oral surgeons, or periodontists may recommend getting an immediate dental implant placed right after getting a tooth extracted or immediate dental implants right after multiple teeth extractions are done in the mouth.  Not all dentists or periodontists recommend the placement of immediate dental implants - though, there are more and more dentists who do place immediate dental implants and have shown good results.  The key always after the placement of immediate dental implants or for that matter of any dental implant placement is that - will there be osseointegration of the dental implant and mouth.  Dentists like to see the dental implant attach to the jawbone and integrate into the mouth.  Immediate dental implants are gaining traction with more dentists, though many dental implant dentists still prefer the more conventional way of placing the dental implant later. 

For those having multiple extractions and dentures, this may be an option. It is important though to have a proper dental implant treatment plan and good dental imaging X-rays. 

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Dental Implant Crown Question and Dental Implants Crown Answers Online

We get asked many types of local dental implant crown questions online. A common dental implant crown question we get asked is, does the dental implant come with a dental crown? Most times your dentist or periodontist will place your dental implant. Then wait for a couple of months or so, before placing the dental implant crown. Some dentists are placing dental implants with dental implant crowns on the same day. This is usually not the case though. Important to ask for the timeline for the full dental implant treatment. 

Local Dental Implant Answers can be had at Dentalchat. We get asked many dental implant crown questions online with us. The more a patient understands how dental implants work and the dental implant treatment plan - the better you can understand all the costs and what is involved. The dental implant placement and the dental implant crown that goes into the dental implant - are 2 separate procedures.  Most times, most dentists or oral surgeons will do this separately. Yes, there are a small number of dentists who place the dental implant and the dental implant crown on the same day - but that is rare. Dental Implants are like the root of the missing tooth or missing teeth.  What attaches to or goes on top of the dental implant is called a dental implant crown.  Usually, these are 2 different procedures - with 2 different costs. The first cost is the placement of the dental implant and the other big cost is the dental implant crown that is made to go on top of the dental implant.  The dental implant crown is usually cemented onto the dental implant.  

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For some people who have all their teeth missing or most of their teeth missing, they may do dental implants and dentures combination restoration.  Why, because dentures can be wobbly and move a lot in the mouth.  By having the denture attached to the dental implants, they can get better functionality and better retention of the dentures in the mouth.  Sometimes these procedures are called "all-on-4," or "all-on-6" dental implant denture procedures by some dentists. 

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Dental implants can, unfortunately, be too costly for some people.  Dental implant prices can vary from dental practice to dental practice - and from what a general dentist and say a periodontist office will charge, etc. We get asked many dental implant insurance coverage questions. One online dental implant question we get often on DentalChat is - are dental implants covered by my dental insurance?  The answer to that is - probably not. However, now some better dental insurance plans are starting to consider covering dental implants.  I can always call your dental insurance company and ask. How much dental implant placement and how much dental implant crowns will cost at your local dentist - you will have to discuss the overall dental treatment plan with the local dental implant office.  Dental implants and dental implant crown(s) can run in the thousands of dollars.  Many dental offices do have payment options though, which may help. 

Dental implant failure chat:

As mentioned earlier, dental implants are usually successfully placed and should last quite a few years - longevity has many factors to take into consideration. Another common dental implant question we get asked is how long do dental implants last? Sometimes, a short time after placing the dental implant - the dental implant becomes loose or is almost coming out.  This is rare nowadays, with experienced licensed dentists.  This does, unfortunately, happen in some rare times. The failure in dental implants occurs due to the disintegration of the implant and the gum tissue/jawbone.  That is, there is no osseointegration or no proper osseointegration that happens. This usually occurs between the 8 weeks and 24 weeks, after the dental implant placement - though, this can happen at any time. The inflammation, infection, and swelling can lead to the failure of dental implants. A successful dental implant usually should cause no or very little pain, irritation, or swelling -  if you have dental bone grafting done, there can be one or more of those painful conditions happening.

Signs of dental implant failure - dental implant failure blogging online

- The loosening of the implant is the first indication that the implant has failed. The patient will feel the loosening effect easily. Once loosened, it will start to cause pain and discomfort. The swelling of the gums is also an indication of tooth implant failure. The swelling is either due to sensitivity, infection, or any other causes. It can cause much pain and irritation.

- Pain and discomfort are also associated with failure. If the healing is not done properly or you have eaten something that could have damaged your implant, you are in some serious trouble altogether.

Dental Implant Info - Avoiding the risks of dental implant failure

Most failures occur due to inflammation and infection that loosens the teeth and implants leading to pain and discomfort. Being a smoker, an alcoholic, and a diabetic patient may cause issues with having a dental implant. You have to make sure that your jaws are strong enough to hold the implant or not. Choose a highly qualified dentist to do your dental implant. Get a 3D X-RAY and a CT SCAN image of the mouth and jaw. If the bone level in the mouth is very thin and not strong, then dental implant failure may happen. The dental implant failure question we get asked frequently is - will dental implants last forever? Oral care is a must if you want to make sure that your dental implant is a success. 

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In summary, we discussed dental implant information in this local dentist implant chat article.  Dental Implant Blogging and Online Dentist Implant Blog about why people require dental implants are discussed. We discussed some common dental questions online - we get asked what Dental Implants and Dental Implant Placement Information people use frequently. The more Dental implant info one has - the better the understanding of what one is getting when having dental implants placed in the mouth.  We will be doing more dental blogs on DentalChat about dental implants - online dental chat with us and more.  Local Dental Implant Dentists can provide more dental implant information to their patients - though, good to have at least an idea of what dental implants are before going into a dental office. Dental implants have a largely successful implementation rate.  Dental implants are a great way of substituting a missing tooth. We are networking with local dental professionals and local dental implant companies on

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Overview: Local AI Dental Implants Chat and Online Dental Implant Treatment Blog Online

In this article, we discussed dental implants, dental crowns, periodontists, periodontitis, dental veneers, dental impacts, dentures, and more. It is important to fully understand what is a dental implant and get a full dental implant treatment plan - before starting your dental implant treatment. Once your dental implant placement is done - it is important to think about the final dental implant restoration - which is usually a dental implant crown. We also discussed how people can get virtual dental implant Teledental consultations now with us. 

To learn more about any of these topics chat with local dentists in our live dentist chat at DentalChat, where you can ask questions and request demonstrations and advice.