Clear Aligners Question, Invisalign and Orthodontic Braces Answers

Clear Aligners And Orthodontic Braces 

Many people end up having some type of dental orthodontic braces or clear aligners at some point in their life. 50 or 60 years ago, to get straighter teeth, you would need to wear orthodontic dental braces. In 1997, the clear aligner orthodontic system was created.  Now, people can choose or have options on how they want to have straighter teeth. 

Clear Aligners And Orthodontic Braces

In this local orthodontics blog, we will discuss clear aligners, dental ortho braces, orthodontist info, ortho retainers, and other orthodontics topics. We will discuss some common local orthodontic questions online we get asked at DentalChat.

Clear Aligner Question and Local Clear Aligners Answers - Timeline for braces & clear aligners

Orthodontic braces started becoming popular in the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1960’s - most wore gold-colored braces. Young teens could be seen wearing gold-colored braces. In the 1970s, the traditional silver bracket design gained favor. Now, most teens are wearing clear-colored braces, as compared to thicker metal brackets. Clear-colored brackets are usually now more desired by most teens. Though, can still see the silver brackets being used as well in many areas of the world. 

Orthodontic Clear Aligners is a much newer concept. In 1997, Clear Aligners was founded by Zia Christi - which at the time was known as Invisalign. He went on to be one of the founders of a popular company called Invisalign. Now, many dental companies sell clear aligners to people around the globe.  Invisalign is still one of the top companies that sell clear aligners - usually through dental offices.

Common Orthodontic Braces Questions - Ortho Braces Question about how long to wear?

How long do I have to wear my braces

Wearing ortho braces can be uncomfortable. A Common Local Orthodontics Question we get asked, is how long do I have to wear my braces? Somewhere around 12 to 24 months. Generally, you do not want to wear ortho braces for too long.  Why, because there can be gingival / gum problems.  People who wear their braces for a very long time - are more prone to gum problems.

Faster Orthodontic Braces Question & Answer: 

Six Month Smiles 

We get asked about Faster Orthodontic Braces Treatment Questions all the time. Some dentists are providing what is being called 6-month smiles -  which are clear braces for teens around the ages of 15, 16, or 17 usually.  The main focus of 6-month smiles is to straighten the front teeth.

For those with advanced crowding and jaw misalignment - this may not be a good option. Best to do a full treatment plan with the right dental imaging x-rays before getting this type of ortho braces treatment. Faster Orthodontic Braces answer is that yes, there is a faster braces option for some people. Now for some people, there is a dental option to have dental braces for a shorter time.  First, you have to do a full dental exam and usually, dental imaging x-rays to see if you are the right fit for 6 Month Smiles orthodontics?  It is a good idea to first find out all the treatment information and post-care instructions as well. 

Local Orthodontist Question Online - Best Orthodontics Questions and Answers

Can braces be placed on the back of teeth? Yes, these are called lingual braces.  You do not see many people wearing these.  Why not?  Well, having braces on the lingual portion of the tooth surface or part of the tooth structure that is toward the tongue - is very hard to clean. We at Dentalchat get asked many local orthodontist questions - where people are seeking local orthodontics treatment answers.

How do ortho braces work?

The reason orthodontics braces can take anywhere from 12 months to 24 months, is that the shift in teeth is very slow and gradual. Orthodontic braces work by moving teeth slowly in one direction. In general, your dentist will want to do this slowly, as loosening the teeth dramatically - can not be made in say a week or 2. You do not want to loosen your teeth suddenly and abruptly. By doing slowly, can have a much more controlled and have a more predictable result.

Local Orthodontist Online Questions - Ortho Braces Question and Orthodontics Answer to Braces Questions:

What is the best age to get braces for my kid? My parents want to know the best age to get braces for their children?  Views differ on this. Some dentists and orthodontists have varying viewpoints on this. Usually, it is between the ages of 10, 11, 12,13, 14, 15, and 16 - some believe it is around ages 10-14 and others believe they should wait until at least 13 or 14 or 15 or 16?  It is important to see how your primary and permanent teeth are coming together. 

This is called a mixed dentition. Usually, in the early teens, teeth are easy to move around.  That is of course still the case, even in the late teen years or even in the early twenties.  Many people as young adults or in their 20s and 30s are still having braces or clear aligners made for them. 

Need a local orthodontic braces answer?

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General Dentistry Questions - Common Ortho Aligner Questions? Invisalign Dental Treatment Question?

Can my general dentist provide clear aligners and orthodontic treatment? 

Many times General Dentists & Family Dentists, will be asked - Can they provide orthodontic services or can only an orthodontist provide orthodontics to patients? The simple Ortho Aligners Answer to that ortho aligner question is -- yes!  If they have the proper training. Most general dentists do not have advanced orthodontics training straight out of dental school. So, they seek extra additional training through various dental seminars and dental courses - in areas that they want to provide to their patients. 

That is, if a dentist wants to provide clear aligners or say Invisalign treatment to their patients  - they can take dental courses to learn how that is done.  Over time, these dentists - can provide all types of dental care that they have passion for - to their dental patients. 

Common Invisalign Questions & Answers:

A common Invisalign Ortho Question patients ask - is why do some dentists provide Invisalign treatment and others do not? As we explained - not all dentists want to provide every facet of dentistry. Also, general dentists who want to provide Invisalign treatment or clear aligner treatment - do need to get some additional dental training. Clear aligners do have the advantage of being lab-fabricated mouth guard forms of appliances.

Hence, the dentist does not have to do as much in adjustment and fabrication. Is Invisalign a clear aligner company? Yes.  How much does Invisalign aligner treatment cost? This depends on the office location and the individual dental practice - usually somewhere between $3800 to $5800. Again, this can vary.

Who can perform the orthodontic treatment?

An orthodontist is a specialized dentist that helps people of all ages get straighter teeth - usually with ortho braces. Both general dentists and orthodontists may perform orthodontic treatment for their patients.  

Local Orthodontist Question and Answers - What is an orthodontist?

Many people have jaw and teeth alignment issues. Whether it is teeth crowding or some kind of misalignment of the jaw & teeth. As we just discussed, an orthodontist is a specialized dentist many people go to to get straighter teeth. An orthodontist first goes to dental school and graduates. Hence, they become a general dentist first. Then they go to a dedicated orthodontic program for additional training.

This is usually 3 or 4 more years of dental orthodontics specialty training. After completing dental specialty programs & they become accredited through various methods, they become a licensed orthodontist. 

Can a family dentist or general dentist provide orthodontics?

Many dentists offer orthodontic treatment and have completed extra courses to acquire the knowledge needed to provide straightening treatment for their patients.  While these general dentists provide orthodontic treatment, others feel more comfortable referring their dental patients to an orthodontist. Any licensed dentist can perform orthodontic treatment for their patients if they follow the same standard of care as specialists. 

Dental Ceph X-rays Question & Answers: 

We get asked many Dental X-ray Orthodontist Questions - about what kind of dental X-rays are used by Dentists and Orthodontists? Your dentist and local orthodontist needs to get a clearer picture of the jaw and bite relationship. Why are cephalometric X-ray images used by orthodontists & local dentists?

Local Dentists and Local Orthodontists can get a better idea of the jaw and skeletal mouth alignment.  Ceph x-ray and provide a good view of the skull and jaw. This dental imagery x-ray is generally called a “ceph x-ray” by dentists and orthodontists. Your local orthodontics office can have a wide variety of 3-D and 2-D dental imaging machines.

What are common dental orthodontics x-rays questions about which ones are used in orthodontics?

Another common dental imaging machine is called a panoramic X-ray machine.  These are called pano or pan X-rays. Pan x-ray machines and common intraoral dental x-rays, can provide good digital dental images. The ceph machine if done right - can provide vital information to dentists about the patient’s teeth alignment, jaw muscles, and jaw relation to each other. 

Those dental offices that do not have a ceph x-ray machine, will usually use a pan x-ray -- a panoramic x-ray machine and intraoral x-rays. Pano dental x-ray machines can provide a full mouth dental image in one single image.  Can see the teeth, bone loss, and how wisdom teeth are growing with a good pano imaging x-ray.

Clear aligner treatment plan and orthodontics treatment plan - both require great treatment planning. The more dental information your dentist has, the better the dental plan can be personalized. Having a solid dental treatment plan should include appropriate dental cleaning appointments at your dentist's office.

Common Clear Aligners Questions and Local Clear Aligner Information Answers Online about what are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners allow teeth to be moved using the clear plastic type of trays that are changed by the patient every week or two. They look like a mouthguard but are not. Planned with sophisticated dental software, your dentist works with orthodontic technicians to predict how teeth will move when pressure is applied with these clear aligner trays.  A common local clear aligner question is - how often should I change the trays? The trays are changed every 1 to 2 weeks. 

The teeth will move or change position very slowly and gradually. This will allow faster, more comfortable treatment than traditional metal braces. While clear aligners can treat many orthodontic cases, some situations can only be treated with metal bands, brackets, springs, and wires.  

 Local orthodontist practice tel dental service - Virtual Orthodontics Question Teledentistry Consulting:

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Clear Aligners Question, Online Invisalign Questions, and Orthodontic Braces Answers:

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Ortho Braces Dental Prophy Cleaning 

All people with dental braces or wearing clear aligners during sleep have more food and debris build up in their mouth & teeth. Hence, having good oral care / great oral hygiene home care is a must.  Also, getting regular dental prophy cleanings at least twice a year - if not more, is important. Many people with dental braces, experience gum inflammation, and other gum issues - especially those that do not take care of their teeth.

Common Ortho Braces Answers or Local Ortho Aligner Question :

Many people want to know which is better or what is the difference? We get many people wanting Local Clear Aligner Treatment Answers before starting ortho treatment. A common live orthodontics question is - are Ortho Aligners better or Orthodontic braces a better choice? Each patient has a different set of dental needs. One of the main advantages of having clear aligners is that the treatment is usually shorter. Also, clear aligners have the advantage over ortho braces because the Orthodontic Aligners are removable.

Usually, people wear the aligners at night and may remove them when eating, etc. With orthodontic braces, the brackets are cemented on the teeth. The wire is placed inside the brackets, connecting the brackets from one tooth to the other.  The combination of brackets and wires is kept in the mouth. The wire is usually changed every 4 to 6 months. Hence, with dental braces - you have them in your mouth for usually a 12 to 24 months period.  This makes it harder to keep the gum area clean. With clear aligners, you can remove them whenever you want to floss and brush your teeth. Hence, easier to keep the teeth clean. 

Orthodontic Retainer Questions and Local Ortho Retainer Question Answers:

Once your braces treatment is done - you have to wear dental retainers. An important Orthodontic Braces Information is understanding the importance of dental orthodontic retainers. Many people do not understand that after the ortho braces, the patient should most likely be wearing some kind of retainer for quite a long time.   Many times people will not wear their ortho retainers after completing their orthodontic braces or clear aligner treatment. Hence we do get asked many local ortho retainer questions online at Dentalchat.

Common orthodontist retainer questions:

With dental braces, your teeth have just been moved around.  Hopefully, with the braces, your teeth are in the right position.  Common ortho retainers question is why do I need a dental retainer? With the orthodontic retainer, your local dentist or local orthodontist wants to maintain or retain that position. Hence, these dental retainers are called -a ortho retainers. If you do maintain or retain your teeth position, then may have a relapse of your teeth to your previous dental position.

 It is important to wear orthodontic retainers after orthodontics or braces?  There is a reason your dentist is giving you retainers to wear. We get asked, how long do I need to wear my dental retainers? 

It varies - generally, it is 12 months or longer.  Remember, if your retainer is damaged or is not holding up - then will need to go to your dentist and get new retainers.  Also, keep your dental retainer clean by brushing and using a soft toothbrush. Can use toothpaste or liquid soap with lukewarm water. Just do so in a gentle way. 

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Local Clear Aligner Questions about Costs and Clear Aligners Questions about Timeline:

As we know, there are quite a few dental companies that are selling online clear aligner straightening kits for people that want straighter teeth. We get asked this common orthodontics question about clear aligners, which is,  are the mail-order orthodontic aligners better or the in-office dental professional systems provided by dentists or orthodontists?  Many people want local clear aligner answers to their orthodontic questions about how to wear them or how long should the treatment take?  There are clear aligner companies that sell online and many people are confused or not possibly getting the results that they thought they would get. 

Without getting too much into the details, most dentists and orthodontists believe in having in-office dental supervision for any type of orthodontic treatment.

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Local Orthodontist Questions Online or Dentist Ortho Treatment Question Answers on why is it good to have in-office dental orthodontic specialist oversight?

Whether aligners or metal braces are used to straighten teeth, the system relies heavily on the professional knowledge behind the methods.  Orthodontics involves complex movements and changes to bite function, jaw relationships, and gum tissues.  A trained professional understands what to use when, where, and why.  Plus, some teeth should never be moved due to the lack of bone support around them.  Mail order systems allow more risks to the patient and have maybe less controlled results usually, as your dentist or orthodontist can not be directly looking into the mouth & performing an in-person oral exam and take any additional dental x-rays that may be required.  There are various points of view on this topic.

Clear Aligner Chat, Local Orthodontics Information Online, Local Orthodontist Discussion Blog:

Clear Aligner Questions about how long to wear and what to do after clear aligner treatment?

Local Clear Aligners Question about Costs and Effectiveness - Orthodontic Retainer Questions Online

Get orthodontic dental answers with us. We answered why to wear orthodontic retainers after braces or clear aligners, what are clear aligners, and various orthodontic braces questions.

Clear Aligner Information Discussion Blog, Orthodontic Retainer Questions Online - simply post your local orthodontist question online and we provide Orthodontic Braces Answers / Online Clear Aligner Answers.

Local Clear Aligner Questions Online about cost comparison - Online Clear Aligners Treatment Cost Analysis:

We get asked how much do clear aligners cost?  The cost of clear aligners can vary. Generally, orthodontic braces and clear aligners have a fairly similar cost. This is somewhere between $2500 to $5500 - though this can vary. It is good to ask your local orthodontist or local dentist, to provide the costs and if they have an advantageous payment option? Also, many dental insurance plans can cover a lot of the cost. Many people want us to provide them the best clear aligner treatment options and whether they should do this online or go to a local orthodontist?  Obviously, the cost is important to many people. Each individual will need to do their own cost analysis and their own due diligence. We do provide some general clear aligner treatment information and try to answer as many local clear aligner questions as we can. 

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