Best dental implant Information: How long do Dental Implants Last?

We will be discussing dental implants and how dental implant treatment may be a good option for you?  For many patients who are missing one or more functional teeth, having some sort of good option is important. Many dental offices now do provide dental implant services. There are some important details or information patients should keep in mind. 



1. Dental implants if done well - can be a good way of replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth. 

2. Dental implant treatment is usually not covered by most dental insurance policies. Should check and find out ahead of time. 

3. Dental implants need to be well maintained After dental implant placement into the mouth. 

4. Dental implant treatment may cost thousands of dollars. Usually, the dental implant crown for instance is priced separately from the dental implant abutment placed into the mouth. 

5. Not all patients are good candidates for dental implants. Your dentist will need to do good dental imaging x-rays to see how your mouth and gums are - as well as do a thorough dental exam and dental treatment plan. 

Best Dental Implants  and Local Dental Implant Answers :

Dental implants have changed how dentists treat those with missing teeth dramatically in the last 25 years. More and more people are having dental implants placed in their mouths.  We at DentalChat get many dental implant questions about how are dental implants placed into the mouth? In this dental implant article, we will be discussing dental implants in detail.

This will include dental implant placement blogging about various other dental implant procedures that may go with dental implants and what to expect after getting dental implants placed into the mouth. Some key points we will be discussing.


How long have dental implants been around?

Human beings for many centuries have attempted placing various objects in the mouth, to replace teeth that were missing from extractions. Modern Dental implants have been one of the best dental innovations and best dental products that have come into dentistry in the last 80 years. Many people ask various types of dental implant questions - one of them is, how long have dental implants been around?

Generally, around 1965 was when dental implants started to be used on a limited scale. The doctor credited with modern dental implant invention is Dr. Branemark.  He was a Swedish scientist and physician. In the 1950s, Dr. Per Ingvar Branemark placed titanium oculars first in the lower leg bones of rabbits. He and his team noticed that there was integration between the oculars and the bone and that they could not be removed from the bones after a period of healing. Basically, he found that the screws were fused to the bone. This osseointegration was very important.

The first practical application of dental implants was around 1965 - these dental implants were shaped like roots.  Since then, dental implants have been one of the big breakthroughs for patients and dentists - in providing a product that could easily replace missing teeth.

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 How does Dental Implant Placement Work?

Dental implants as we will be discussing, are a screw-like product that are placed into jaw bone where teeth use to be. Couple things to keep in mind when having dental implants surgically placed into your mouth. First, there is generally a road map or treatment plan done ahead of time. This includes various types of dental imaging x-rays, which may include 3D panoramic dental x-rays of the entire jaw and other imaging machines that your dentist, periodontist or oral surgeon may use.

Common dental implant placement question we get asked is, will dental implants hurt when being placed into my jaw?  The dental implant answer is generally, no. You may feel a little pressure, but most dentists will numb you up sufficiently - so as to not have you feel pain when having this dental procedure done.

How long do Dental Implants Last?

Dental Implant(s) are placed into the mouth or jaw bone - where a tooth or teeth had been extracted.  First and foremost, total health history and full dental examination of the mouth is needed. The dentist, periodontist or oral surgeon will need to also have very good dental x-rays.   The most common form of dental x-ray technology used is what is called a CT scan. Why do dentists and surgeons like having a CT scan done of the mouth and jaw?

The main reason is that it provides a 3D / 3 Dimensional image of the patient's jaw bone.  Hence, the dentist can better view what is going on under the gums or below the gingival line.

Common Dental Implants Question, how long will dental implants last?

Many people before getting dental implants, wonder - how long will they last? Dental implants can possibly last 20 years or longer. Of course the key word here is can - that is not always the case. Unfortunately, many times - people end up losing their dental implants much sooner. Why?  As a patient, you have to take proper care of dental implants. The same bacteria and gum disease that may have caused your teeth to possibly fall out - may contribute to dental implant(s) failure.

  • Checking gums and jaw bone:

  • Bone grafting :

A fairly common dental procedure done concurrently with dental implant placement for some people is dental bone grafting. Dental bone graft  The reason dentists use bone grafting in the mouth is that it can provide a more solid base for the dental implant screw to go into.  That is, many people lose quite a bit of jaw bone / have bone resorption after having extractions, over time. The bone will come down.  

These areas may have little bone for dental implants to go into. The dentist / oral surgeon will place more bone into the area of extractions - this is called a dental bone graft.  Bone graft materials can vary. Those that want to read more about dental bone grafting - here is a local dental bone grafting blog at


What is an immediate dental implant?

Immediate dental implant questions are very common - especially for those needing to extract a visible tooth in the mouth. Immediate dental implant question usually asked by many, is it a good idea to have dental implants placed into my mouth right after my tooth extraction? In some cases, right after the tooth is extracted - the dental implant is placed into the same tooth socket of the extraction site.  

This is called an immediate dental implant. Not all dentists, periodontists or oral surgeons do immediate dental implants for varying reasons.  Immediate dental implant blog and local dental implants chatting online with us - we are networking with best dental implant dentists - to share dental information on dental implants.

After getting a dental implant - what next?


  • Getting a dental implant crown:

Another common dental implant question people ask, is - do the dental implant crowns come with the dental implants when they are placed into the mouth? After getting the dental implant / dental implants placed into the mouth - then you will need to have crowns placed on top of the implant.  The dental implant acts like the tooth root and the crown - is the cap that goes on top of the dental implant. This is a fairly routine procedure.

Teledental Dental Implant Consulting:

One thing people can do now is get a Dental Implant TeleDentistry Consult Online. This can be a general dental question and dental implant answers consulting video dental chat. For the dental patient, great way of getting some dental implant information and get a general idea of some of the dental costs involved in getting dental implants placed into their mouth.

Dental Implants and Dentures

  • Dental Implants and bridges 

Some dental implants are placed into the mouth of people who have many teeth missing or possibly all their teeth missing.  The denture will attach to several dental implants - providing usually better retention and chewing function for the patient.  There are varying options of dentures and dental implants - some say all on 4 dental implants or all on 6 dental implants, etc. Some people with large space of missing teeth may also want to get a dental bridge instead of a partial denture.

 How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are fairly reliable and generally last for several years or more.  With technology advancement, dental implants have become better and better. Like any surgical procedure, dental implant placement can fail for a variety of reasons.  By most estimates, dental implants should last several years or more and some studies have shown over 95 percent success rate that osseointegration happens with the jaw bone.  That is, a high likelihood that dental implants will successfully integrate into the mouth.

Here is another Dental Implant Blog / Dental Implants info and Dental Implant Placement Discussion - dental implant chatting online article that may interest our reader.  This is another Dental Implants Questions Online Blog about possible Dental Implant Failures & reasons it may happen. Like anything that is placed into the mouth, how well the patient maintains the dental implants and good dental home care is immensely important. If the person with newly placed dental implants does not keep their mouth clean and maintain good oral hygiene, then the longevity of the dental implants will most likely be greatly diminished.

Dental Implants Failure Blog, Dental Implant Failure Chat Online

Of course, proper dental treatment plans and having a good dentist place the dental implant into the mouth is a big factor as well.

Dental implant cost 

The dental implants cost varies from state to state and from the dental office to dental office -  one thing to keep in mind is the additional costs. For example, if need to have a bone graft done -  then that is usually an extra cost.  Dental implants can cost thousands of dollars and many dental insurance plans still do not cover this procedure.


Postoperative dental implant care 

Just like the teeth in your mouth, people with dental implants need to maintain good oral hygiene and visit their dentist routinely for checkups and cleanings.

Whether it is Dental Implants Chatting, Online Dental Implant Questions Answering, Best Dental Implants Information by dentists, Local Dental Implant Chat Online, Best Dental Implant Info Blogging and Discussing Immediate Dental Implants Online - we are always looking to better educate and inform people.  This way when going to your dentist, have at least some background information about dental subjects such as dental implants.

Best Dental Implant Treatment 

In summary, dental implants can be a great way of having missing teeth replaced in the mouth.  Dental Implant Placement Blog - dental implants have become much more advanced and placing them into the jaw has become much more reliable. Like any surgical procedure, one should understand what dental implants do and how to take care of them before getting dental implants. People should also consider the risks involved.

Millions of people globally have had good experiences with having dental implants placed into their mouth.  With the right dentist, periodontist or oral surgeon - dental implants can help people that have missing teeth in their mouths. The key is understanding what they do and understanding the limitations.

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