Smart Dental Chat Bot Technology and Virtual AI Dentistry Consultations

Smart technology, chat technology, and AI (artificial intelligence) have made great strides in the last decade. We may look back in 50 years and consider this the time of first-generation technology. Many of us remember the first flip phones which within several years, became the much smarter phones. Of course, the iPhone 1 can not compare to the current iPhone 14, as far as technical capability and technological advancement. As we will discuss, people can now Talk with Live Dentists and use Dental AI Chat Messaging to communicate with local dentists and dental practices.  

Dental ChatBot

Smart Dental Chat Bot Tech Helping Dental Practices Better Message Your Patients

We do get asked by many dentists and dental practices - what can your dental chatbot do for us?  For one, it allows a hybrid approach where our local dental chatbot can provide your new and existing patients some general information - and then, it allows your office to chat with people. One thing to keep in mind with these newer chatbot technologies is that there is always room for improvement. That is, the AI Dental Chat or Medical AI Chatbot technology is continuously getting smarter and better. 

AI Dentistry and Local Dental AI Virtual Dentist Care

For Local Dentists and Dental Offices - 24/7 Real-time Dental Messaging can not happen with To sign up for your dental practice, Add Your Dental Office to the Best Dentist's Directory Online at DentalChat. People and patients can now have Live Virtual AI Dentistry Consultations about dental implants or their other dental care needs. 

Talk with a Live Dentist and Local Dental Antibiotics Prescriptions Information Online

For people and patients seeking to Talk with Local Dentists, there is the availability of numerous virtual dental care solutions. People that get a Live Teledental Consult can speak with dentists virtually and ask for dental antibiotics prescriptions now. People do need sometimes late-night dental antibiotics prescriptions if they have a tooth infection. Of course, the patient should visit a local dentist or doctor's hospital as soon as can. Talk with Live Dentists 24/7 - based on availability. Many of the current services as far as Live Dentist Video Consulting are mostly done in the USA. 


Dental ChatBot has been pushing innovation in chat technology for the dental industry. Live Dentist Chat Bot Technology innovation has helped many people gain more dental information. That being said - online chat technologies have been worked on for quite a while. Chat technology has been around for a lot longer than people realize.

In the late 1970s, technology companies were working on the first generation of chat technology. Obviously, that was just an initial version with many deficiencies. In the last 12  years, this local dentist chatbot's machine learning capabilities and local healthcare chatbot technology intelligence has made some big strides. AI technology and chatbot technology go hand in hand. Using smart technology and machine learning - all go together. Of course, smart AI technology is used in wearable products and many everyday appliances. 

One certain thing is that virtual health care 24/7 services are becoming more readily available. Local Emergency 24/7 On-Demand Dentistry through virtual dental care is a great place to start - and to get more information about the potential new dental patient. has been using smart technology to better connect local dentists and new dental patients - as well as to help better use dental chatbot marketing online tools to promote dental practices. We are marketing an online dentist bot for website messaging using smart AI technology.  Local Dentists ChatBot tech can be added readily to local dental websites to better communicate with online visitors. ADD TELEDENTISTRY TO YOUR DENTAL PRACTICE & BEST DENTIST CHATBOT TO YOUR WEBSITE with


This technology is becoming much more relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. But more importantly, it is a great way of doing the local initial dental consultation - By using 24/7 Local Emergency Dentists On-Demand Virtual Dentistry services.

Every new technology has early adopters and later adopters. Now in the age of the coronavirus pandemic, it is very important to use smart virtual dental care technology - if you are a dental practice manager or dentist, with your dental patients. Many top dental companies that own dental practices - are telling their dentists.

 Add TeleDentistry Service to Your Dental Office and Add TeleDental Consulting to Your Dental Practice. In this best local teledentistry blog, we will discuss some ways how that can benefit dentists, dental staff, and patients.

A Common Dentists ChatBot Question, is why do I need a local dental chatbot for my dental office website?  There are many reasons. With our Best Dentist Chat Bot technology, you can do many things. Your local dental office can actually check in local patients before they even come into your office. Why is this important?  Well, there are many local dental practices during this COVID pandemic that can not have large numbers of patients waiting in the dental office - due to various local city and state laws during this coronavirus. Of course, this may change later on in 2020 - but for now, there are various regulations.  Hence, local dental patients and local dentists can connect virtually in many ways. 

On-Demand Live Virtual Dentistry Video Consulting Online

As we have been discussing, healthcare professionals have been using a greater number of telemedicine technology. Now, local dentists and dental practices are following suit. Local On-Demand Dentist or becoming a Local Teledentist can add a lot of value to your dental practice.

Now more than ever, every dental website is a must to have a dental chatbot.  With DentalChat, you have a dental chatbot added to your website and Local Dentists can provide TELEDENTAL SERVICE to your patients. 

Local Dental Practices enjoy 3 services for one low price.

1. Teledental Service: A virtual space for your practice.

2. Dental Chatbot: A secure platform for your practice website.

3. Dental Leads: New patients from  

Click here to List Your Dental Practice and Get More Dental ChatBots Information Listing Online with us.  

Artificial intelligence has been making rapid progress in the last decade.  AI in Medicine and AI in Dentistry is rapidly growing as well, in trying to offer better health care outcomes to people.  As well as to help both physicians and dentists to work smarter and better.  We will be doing more AI Dental Care Blogging Online in future Local Dentistry AI Blogs at DentalChat.  Our smart dental AI technology gathers information on your behalf and notifies you right away of your visitor’s questions. This will really save your office staff’s time and make them more productive. Live Dentist ChatBot Dental Patient Messaging Online with us at DentalChat. 

For dentists, the last 20 years have rapidly evolved technologically. Just like the coming of the internet and online digital technology, artificial intelligence will be changing how physicians and dentists will be practicing. Right now, it is in the early stages - but in a decade or so, we may look back at how fast AI tech grew.

Virtual Dentistry Online Communication Between Dentists and Dental Patients

In the last 5 years, telemedicine has become much more common. Virtual Dentistry, like virtual medicine - is becoming more common. Telemedicine in some ways, leapt ahead of teledental services and teledentistry communication. Physicians and doctor practices embraced seemed much faster than dental professionals.  Now, many healthcare insurance companies are actually promoting telemedicine.

Add Virtual Dentistry, Live Teledental Consultation, Live AI Dental Chat Bot, and Local TeleDentistry Services to Your Dental Practice

Add TeleDentistry Service to Your Dental Practice, Add TeleDental Consulting to Your Dental Office - Why Becoming a TeleDentist, can benefit your dental practice:

During the lockdown, due to COVID-19 - many dental practices were closed.  The dentists and dental offices that did have teledental communication, were able to do TeleDentistry Consulting via Their Virtual Dentist Communication Tool.  That is, many dentists became TeleDentists.  For one, providing TeleDental Consulting Online - saves both you and your patient time & money.  Your patient does not have to waste gas and time, driving over to your practice.  You, do not have to wear gloves and a facemask, to do a Local TeleDental Consultation Online -- ADD TELEDENTIST CONSULTING to your practice with DentalChat.  That in itself, is a game changer.  Saving time, the comfort of one's own residence, wasting less gas and materials, and being able to provide video dental consulting - is an immense help to you and your dental patients.

Limitations to TeleDentistry and TeleDental Tech

Of course, there are limitations to the teledental and teledentistry technology.  You still will need your dental patient to come to the office, to do a filling or root canal.  But, you can see how your patient is doing post-op, after a tooth extraction or something.  Like all technologies and tools, you as the professional must understand the militations - and use the Teledental technology wisely.  You need to understand the limitations and do professional service, and - not misuse the technology.  You as the dental practitioner should try your best to provide good information - and know the limits of the technology.  As physicians have come to understand with telemed, they can look at or screen patients.  They can, the physician - see how a patient is doing or get a better understanding of what is going on.  They can not though, treat a cut or do surgery with telemedicine.  The AI aspect in medicine is very interesting - with remote robots and reading dental X-rays, etc. Local Dentist AI and Artificial Dental Care may come in the coming decades - like all technology ... it does evolve and develop rapidly. 

The advent of The TeleDentists

- Why Local Dentists are becoming a TeleDentist?

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, becoming a TeleDentist is a great way of helping you and your patient. Patients can be in the comfort of their own homes.  You can be in your office or at home - and can see how they are recovering, etc.

It will also give your dental office staff a stress-free work environment, That’s because they complete the simple but mundane tasks that, if added up, take up the majority of an office staff workday. With our Local Dentist ChatBot, simple tasks such as answering a phone call to answer general dental inquiries seem quick and easy, the truth is that these small jobs interrupt employees who could otherwise be putting more time and effort into patient care.

Dental Chat Bot AI Dentistry Communication Messenger will streamline these inquiries and really save the office staff’s time and make them 2x more productive.  All Dentists can ADD LIVE LOCAL DENTAL CHATBOTS to your website. Local Dentists signing up with DentalChat is simple. Apply and let us review your request.  All dentists have to be licensed dentists. Local Dentists can use Dental ChatBot Messenger technology to not only better communicate with new dental patients, but also to better keep track of those requests. 

Summary: Live Dental AI Chat, Adding Local Dental Chatbot Technology and Local TeleDentistry Services to Dental Practices 

As we have discussed, live virtual dental care services such as Teledental consulting or Live Teledentistry Consultations about various dental care treatments are now available virtually. Local dental practices can now add Live Dental Chatbots or Local AI Dentistry Chat technology to their websites. Great time to partner with and DentalChat IOS / DentalChat Android apps now.