Clear Aligners Information, Orthodontic Braces Info

Clear Aligners Information, Orthodontic Braces Info

In the 1960’s, young kids could be seen wearing gold-colored braces. In the 1970’s, the traditional silver bracket design gained favor. Today, teens and adults often opt for clear braces or aligners whenever possible. Like everything in dentistry, orthodontics has evolved and techniques continue to develop that allow faster, more esthetic methods. In this local orthodontist blog, we discuss various types of orthodontic treatment options available to patients of old ages. 

Orthodontics Question - Orthodontist Question Discussion: General Dentistry Question >> Many General Dentists get asked if they can provide orthodontic services or can only an orthodontist provide orthodontics to patients? 

Clear Aligners Information, Orthodontic Braces Info

As we know, both dentists and orthodontists perform orthodontic treatment for their patients. An orthodontist is a dentist who has dedicated 3 or 4 more years of dental specialty training after completing dental school. But many dentists offer orthodontic treatment and have completed extra courses to acquire the knowledge needed to provide straightening treatment for their patients. While these general dentists provide orthodontic treatment, others feel more comfortable referring to their dental patients to an orthodontist. Any licensed dentist can perform orthodontic treatment for their patients if they follow the same standard of care as specialists. What kind of dental x-rays are used by Dentists and Orthodontists to get a clearer picture of the jaw and bite relationship?

Local Orthodontist Questions Discussion Online about the cost of getting ortho braces and how long does orthodontics braces treatment take?  Usually, most patients with braces, end up wearing them about 1 to 2 years - though this can vary greatly.  This can vary based on the individual's bite and crowding etc.  The price of braces or orthodontics treatment can vary based on location and the dental office.  This can be from couple thousand dollars to much higher.  Again, it also depends on the type of restoration that is needed.  It is best to have a candid discussion about the price point BEFORE starting the treatment.  Many offices also offer Dental Patient Financing Options for their patients. It is best to get as much Orthodontics Braces Info as possible, before starting your dental ortho treatment.

The cephalometric x-ray image is used commonly by dentists and orthodontists to get a better idea of the jaw and skeletal mouth alignment. This imagery is generally called a “ceph x-ray” by people using them. Common dental x-rays machines are also used such as a panoramic x-ray machine and common intraoral dental x-rays, generally as digital images. The ceph machine gives vital information to dentists about the patient’s teeth alignment, jaw muscles, and the jaw relates to each other. Those dental offices that do not have a ceph x-ray machine, or for simpler cases, will use a panoramic “pan x-ray” machine and intraoral x-rays. For clear aligner treatment and orthodontics treatment, more dental information allows your dentist to better plan out a personalized dental treatment plan. 

Another Clear Aligners Information Blog - Clear Aligners Question we get asked is >> What are Clear Aligners? Clear Aligners Question Blogging and Online Orthodontics Blog with us at DentalChat. 

Clear aligners allow teeth to be moved using invisible trays that are changed by the patient every week or two. Planned with sophisticated software, your dentist works with orthodontic technicians to predict how teeth will move when pressure is applied with trays. The trays are changed every 1-2 weeks, and usually allow faster, more comfortable treatment than traditional metal braces. While clear aligners can treat many orthodontic cases, some situations can only be treated with metal bands, brackets, springs, and wires. Common Ortho Braces Question or Ortho Aligner Question get asked is which is better or what is the difference? Are Ortho Aligners better or Orthodontic braces? One of the advantages of having aligners over ortho braces is the fact that Orthodontic Aligners are removable. With orthodontic braces, the brackets are cemented in the mouth and then the wire is placed inside the mouth connecting the brackets. The combination of brackets and wires always being in the mouth for the usual 12 to 24 month period, makes it harder to keep the gum area clean. Ortho Retainer Question - Orthodontic Retainer Information: An important fact or Orthodontic Braces Information that many people do not understand is that - after the ortho braces, the patient should most likely be wearing some kind of retainer. Remember, your teeth have just been moved around with the braces - hopefully in the right position. With the retainer, your dentist or orthodontist wants to maintain or retain that position. We get asked many times this Orthodontic Retainers Question of - 

is it important to wear my orthodontic retainer after orthodontics or braces? So, that is affirmative - there is a reason your dentist is giving you retainers most likely to wear at night, etc. 

Clear Aligner Information Blog - Clear Aligner Question we get asked is Are mail-order orthodontic aligners as good as the professional dental in-office systems? Without getting too much into the details, most dentists and orthodontists believe in having in-office dental supervision for any type of orthodontic treatment. Clear Aligners Question Blogging and Online Orthodontics Blog with us at DentalChat. If you are an orthodontist or orthodontic expert, we welcome our users’ suggestions and they can share local orthodontic blogs with us. Local Orthodontist Question or Dentist Ortho Treatment Question - Why is it good to have in-office dental orthodontic specialist oversight? Whether aligners or metal braces are used to straighten teeth, the system relies heavily on the professional knowledge behind the methods. Orthodontics involves complex movements and changes to bite function, the jaw relationships, and the gum tissues. A trained professional understands what to use when, where, and why. Plus, some teeth should never be moved due to the lack of bone support around them. Mail order systems allow more risks to the patient and have maybe less controlled results usually, as your dentist or orthodontist can not be directly looking into the mouth & performing an in-person oral exam and take any additional dental x-rays that may be required. There are various points of view on this topic. In this Clear Aligner Information Discussion Blog, we discussed common Clear Aligner Questions we get asked at DentalChat. Local Dental Chat about Orthodontists and Dental Chat about Orthodontic Treatment options available for people that want straighter teeth. We will at DentalChat be discussing more Orthodontics Information Online and sharing more Local Orthodontists Blogs in the future. 

We did discuss how we get many Local Orthodontic Retainer Questions Online and why we need to wear ortho retainers. We are networking with local orthodontists and orthodontic companies. We answer many local ortho braces questions online at DentalChat.  We welcome our user's dental requests and dental suggestions.