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The world of technology and health care is coming together to push health care toward modern medicine.  For people in the dental care industry, whether they are dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, dental lab technicians, dental marketing professionals, or people that work in the dental industry - things are changing and will continue to rapidly evolve in dentistry.

  Local dentists and local dental practices are using modern technology to not only keep patient records but are also now sharing dental imaging x-rays with dental insurance companies and their local dental labs.  In this local dentist blog, we will be discussing Ai in dentistry and how Ai will be helping local dentists provide better dental care in the future,  That is, how artificial intelligence will be changing how dentists can treatment plans and provide more advanced dental care options for their dental patients. 

DentalChat is transforming dentistry and the dental industry?  DentalChat.com was founded by a dentist with a passion for dentistry and new technology in the online space.  We are at DentalChat networking with Local Dentists, Dental Companies, Health Care Professionals, and Companies in the Health Care Ai space.  With Dental Chat, people can Dental Chat with Local Dentists and Dental Offices.   To get in touch with us, or to partner with us - can use this Local Dental Chat contact us link.

Ai in Dentistry 

Ai is short for Artificial intelligence.  The question many dentists and patients who are interested in Ai ask is, how will Ai come into dentistry and dental care?  When will this Ai in Dental Care happen?  Before we discuss this, it is good to note that the first Ai research in medicine was done in the late 1960s and in the early 1970s.  The first initial medical technology research was somewhat basic, looking at chemistry and then looking at bacteria - and how these bacteria could cause infections. 

This research into infection and antibiotics was named MYCIN by researchers at Stanford University. In the 1980s, medical research with Ai rapidly grew, with the advent of the microcomputer.  With the growth of genomic sequencing databases and with faster computers, Ai in the 1990s and 2000s picked up speed.  Now in 2019, Ai and telemedicine are becoming much more widely used.  Still, the actual intelligence in Ai - still has some ways to go.  so, Ai in dentistry is already here, albeit it is still somewhat in its infancy. 


Let us do some Tele-Dentistry Blogging and discuss Teledentist technology online. Tele-dentistry and Telemedicine.  In the last 3 or 4 years, telemedicine has grown rapidly and is now accepted as a form of health care provided to patients by medical insurance companies. The fact that healthcare insurance companies are accepting Tele-med technology is a big positive.  Medical and health care insurance companies are doing so, because they see the value of health care provided and also, the financial savings for both patients and doctors. 

That is, the patient does not have to drive to an office and the doctor can be more efficient.  Of course, like all new technologies - there are some negatives.  With Tele-dentistry, the same thing is happening.  Of course, with dentistry - many things such as getting a tooth filling or having a wisdom tooth extracted can not be done online.  But there is still dental care information and understanding of what is going on, that can be done. 

We are at Dental Chat looking to innovate greatly in this space.  DentalChat, being one of the pioneer dental companies in this space - for the last decade-plus, is always looking to innovate. Now, in the last couple of years - there has been a lot of progress in dental communication video technology and chat technology.  A lot of this is being helped by Ai technology which has rapidly improved in the last decade.

Artificial Intelligence for Dental Care

Thirty years ago, most dental offices did not have digital dental X-rays. In the last 15 years, many dental offices in the United States have become digital.  With digital technology, there is a lot that can be done with Ai and dentistry.  For one, the dental X-rays that are taken and stored in the computer - can be analyzed using Ai dental technology.

We at DentalChat are working in this space and looking to provide great dental Ai tech for dentists and patients.  We at DentalChat also use some Ai for dentists and patients.  For one, we can start answering local dental questions being asked.  The world of tech and dentistry is rapidly moving forward - and in the next 15 or 20 years, Ai in dentistry will be as common as cell phone usage by all people across the globe.  For those that want to understand Dental X-ray machines more - here is a Local Dentist Imaging Machine Blog link at Dental Chat.

In this Local Dentists Blog, we discussed Artificial Dentistry Technology and how it is rapidly helping local dentists with their dental care. Local Ai in Dentistry Chat, Artificial Intelligence for Dental Care Blog, Smart Dentist Technology in Dentists Messaging Online, and Online Smart Dental Tech Discussion were done in this local dental blog. 

We are looking to network with Local Dentists and Local Dental Bloggers who want to share dental information with us.   We are at DentalChat also networking with local dental social media professionals and online dental marketing professionals / dental ad media companies.  Great time to market and to network online with us.